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What is Online - Live Stock Trading?

Online Live stock Internet trading is a service offered on the Internet for buying and selling shares. In the real world, you place orders for buy or sell through your stockbroker either verbally (personally or telephonically) or in a written form (facsimile). In Internet trading, you will place orders by accessing a stockbroker's website or bsewebx.com through the Internet.

Why should I trade on bsewebx.com?

BSEwebx gives you
1. The power of placing orders at your fingertips.
2. Immediate access to live market information and that too from the BSE.
3. Lower costs of buying and selling shares.
4. Instantaneous order execution and order status at each point.
5. A mechanism to support multi exchange routing, multi- product capabilities and multi-mode delivery mechanisms, which will be in a phased manner.

How do I ensure security and confidentiality of my password?

1.You can ensure high security and confidentiality by adopting the following:
2.By not disclosing it to anyone.
3.By changing the password frequently and,
4.Maintaining a password (minimum 8 characters), which is a
combination of alphabets and numbers.

How safe is my Login ID and password?

The Login ID and password allotted to you is completely confidential. No one, except you, has access to this information. Your password is stored in an encrypted form. And every after 15 days you have change the your password ,if you do not operate or do not change after 15 days time period ,automatically ,it will be locked from the exchange.

What shares can I trade in at BSEwebx.com?

There are approximately 6000 scrips, which are currently listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. You can trade on any of these scrips listed on the BSE, subject to the risk profile allotted to you by your broker. There are different groups like A,B,S,T and Z.In A and B groups you can trade your orders as normal way style. S groups means some extent scrips has been listed in BSE either as it listed earlier at other exchange also .,you can also trade like as A and B groups style as normal .

T and Z groups means, you can trade only with delivery base i.e., you have cannot square off your position at same day.If you so ,the compuslary delivery base take place and you have to bear the auction/plently charges through the exchange.

How do I place an order?

Giving USER ID ,LOGIN password and TRADE password can place orders.

There are five different products like EASY, CLASSIC

FOR PLACING ORDER CLICKING EASY PRODUCT, it is easiest and fastest smooth style method other then as given above said.

In easy method , you can place an order , as well as you can search the scrips stock data prices.
By Alternatively, you can also place an order by clicking on the scrip from your Ticker.

Can I modify/ cancel my order?
You can modify or cancel your order as long as the order placed by you has not been executed. The quantity and the price of the order can be modified by clicking on PENDING ORDER COLUMN GIVEN AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN MENU. Cancellation/ modification is not possible once the order is executed.

How do I view/modify/ cancel orders?

View Orders
Your orders are available for viewing by clicking on 'Query Orders' link at the bottom footer of the screen.

Modify Orders
Pending orders can be modified by clicking on the link MODIFY adjacent to the Order. You can provide new values here and click on SUBMIT by providing the Trade Level Password. You will get an order modification confirmation message.

Delete Orders
Pending orders can be deleted by selecting the order for deletion, providing the Trade Level password and clicking on the DELETE button. A deletion confirmation message will be generated on successful deletion of the order.

What are the different types of order I can place through BSEwebx?

There are different types of orders that can be routed through the BSEwebx based on certain parameters. The different parameters are based on time, price and quantity.

Limit Order:
This is the price specified by the client while entering the order into the system. The Client specifies a stated price to buy at or below, or to sell at or above that price. The order shall be executed only on satisfying these conditions.

Market Order:
It is an order to buy or sell securities at the current market price at that particular time.

Stop Loss Order:
This order allows the client to place an order, which gets activated only when the market price of the relevant security reaches or crosses a threshold price. Until then, the order does not enter the market. You enter the threshold price.

How will I be informed of my trade execution?

The trade executions are confirmed by updation of NET POSITION. The trading history of your account is also updated immediately. In addition, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the trade, giving full details of the quantity, price, execution time etc. You can also query on the trade status and the trade details for further information on the trade. A scrip wise summary of trades executed is also available. The broker will issue a contract note for executed trade to you.

What are the facilities available for accessing Market Information?

BSEwebx provides the following facilities to access market information:

1.Market Watch - On-line Ticker - Stock Reach
2.Markets Live Information with Indices Watch, Top Scrips,
Circuit breakers Information, and Market Summary.
3.Corporate Results and Announcements.